Vi-Core Results

In November 2018 we noticed some disease-like patches on a handful of our greens around the time of some cool, damp weather. It appeared to be some type of fusarium or snow mold related disease. No fungicides were put down at the time of the outbreak as we decided that the outbreak wasn’t severe enough to warrant a widespread fungicide application. In December 2018 a winter snow mold application was made and in the spring of 2019 monitoring for the return of the disease began. We had a small outbreak in a confined area on our 17th green. We treated the small (approximately 50 sq. ft.) area by mixing a 50/50 mix of Thatch Back and water and applied it by pouring it on the affected area with a watering can. Within a few days the spots were completely suppressed and the turf was regaining better color and looking more uniform with the surrounding, healthy turf. All greens were sprayed with Carbon Aid, Thatch Back, and Ground Breaker regularly throughout the duration of the 2019 golf season and we saw an estimated 95-99% reduction in occurrence of these spots in the fall of 2019. Only a handful of very small, individual spots were observed in the fall of 2019 on a couple greens.

-Mitch Savage
Golf Course Superintendent

Increased Root Size

The difference between using Vi-Core and not using Vi-Core is easily noticed by the increase of root mass. If you think your roots are good today, wait until you use Vi-Core’s expertise. Here is a fine example of increased root size, length, color and number.

Improved Color and Stamina

The first picture was taken in April of 2011 the second picture four months later in August of 2011. When most courses are starting to show extreme complications from the heat of the summer Vi-Core’s worth is elevated. Besides the wonderful color and stamina (in the middle of the hottest month of the year) also take note of the new growth in the dead spots.

Tree Growth

Here are some BEFORE and AFTER pictures showing the power of Green Tree (May 2009 - August 2012).


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