The Next Level In Turf Management

The NEW fertilizer program is not a fertilizer at all – it’s an ACTOMIZER®.


At Vi-Core, we provide real answers to the problems you face with your golf course and products that are truly innovative. Our actomizers are nothing like any tradition fertilizer you have used and are built to unlock the nutrients in your soils.


Many fertilizer representatives offer a solution before understanding your soil and climate. Part of our unprecedented results come from our ability to tailor your program to your soils, climate and desired results.

Vi-Core Receives USDA BioPreferred® Certification on Four Products


Industry-Leading Expertise

The difference between using Vi-Core and not using Vi-Core is easily recognized. Vi-Core specializes in determining the nutrient levels in your soil and providing long-term solutions. Our established products allow us to deliver industry-leading turf management and fertilizer solutions to commercial and residential clients. We are committed to exceeding customer expectations.

What is an actomizer?

The word actomizer was composed from 3 other words ACTivate, aTOM and fertilIZER. Our products are used like most traditional fertilizers however they are charged or activated which further helps them break down nutrients at the atom level making it easier for plant life to uptake needed nutrients.

To innovate is to introduce something new; to make changes in anything established.


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